GB - Customised Smilers

GB - Customised Smilers

Customised Stamp Sheets are a variant of the Generic Smilers Sheet.

Since the International Stamp Show held in London in 2000 the British public have been able to have their photos printed alongside stamps in place of the generic label designs. This service, initially available only from booths at events such as Stamp Show 2000, has been extended and is now available to the public by post or by ordering on-line from Royal Mail at

These sheets were available from the Royal Mail at a premium above the normal price of the   Generic Sheets. The Royal Mail Smilers stamp reference number (SMXX)  identifies the Royal Mail Tallents House reference number used in the order process of Smilers sheets, as these appeared in the Royal Mail Smilers publicity material.

Since the introduction of definitive sized Smilers stamps in 2005 there has been a growing interest (particularly from Smilers collectors) in extending the concept of Customised Stamp Sheets into special event or themed sheets, created by Smilers enthusiasts and dealers. We are calling this variant of Customised Stamp Sheets Themed Customised Stamp Sheets to distinguish between those produced for personal use and those produced for commercial reasons.

Theses sheets are in all respects similar to the customised stamp sheets except that they have been produced as commercially available commemorative sheets often embellished with border overprinting or decoration which arguably enhances their appearance. In some cases they are completely unrecognisable as customised stamp sheets.

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