Personalised Stamp Sheets of New Zealand - 1st Edition - updated Jan 2019

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Customised Stamp Sheets of New Zealand - 1st Edition (updated 2019)

This publication provides a illustrated descriptive listing, with suggested typical market values, of the numerous customised and personalised stamp sheets bearing New Zealand stamps and adjoined labels, collectively called P-Stamps, produced by New Zealand Post and other commercial and non-commercial organisations since 2001.

This publication is issued as a guide for the P-Stamp sheet collector and attempts to fill a void which has remained unfilled for too long. Each sheet is given a unique reference number with a prefix corresponding to the section the sheet is listed under. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the details contained in this catalogue are accurate, corrections to this listing are welcomed and encouraged. This catalogue is not a sales list. The prices shown are intended as a guide to market prices but please be aware that this is a relatively new area of stamp collecting and prices are variable.